Rajesh Khemraj

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I’ve had an awesome transformation in my health, energy and mood since beginning weekly treatments. I am now back to doing my hobbies, work, and activities of daily living with positivity and creativity. Thanks Ashley for your help! I’ve felt like I spent the last year with so little energy, and your practice has made me feel better very quickly.


-- Pam W.


Ashley was absolutely outstanding. She undoubtedly gave me the best massage I’ve ever had - and I’ve had a lot! As a former massage therapist, my expectations are high and she exceeded everyone of them. I have had difficulty finding a therapist over the past 3 years who is as skilled, intuitive, and calming as Ashley.

She was mindful of my requests, asked questions and communicated appropriately. It was unknown to me just how much I needed the body work. I feel amazing. Looking forward to my next massage already!!


-- Logan S.


Ashley's accupunture treatments has had such a positive impact on my quality of life. I have had chronic pain in my lower back for several years and with her treatments it is gone (such a huge relief). Her abilities don't stop there, she is skilled at assisting me in treating my other pain condition and warding off the migraines I have. In addition to these skills, she listens deeply to the changes each week and explains the details and the principles of accupunture as they relate to your needs. I recommend her accupunture services to anyone who is in the midst of chronic pain.


-- Anastasia W.

Acupuncture Facial

Ashley is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture. She was able to assess my condition in a way most cannot, being a massage therapist first. Her expertise in facial acupuncture is so valuable. I feel and look younger already! Her touch and needling is gentle and effective. She has a calming, professional demeanor. I highly recommend!


-- Stephanie L.

Cupping Therapy

Absolutely amazed by my experience with Ashley today! I’ve never had cupping done not any acupuncture and my body feels amazing. I had no idea the extent of services both her and her husband offer. She is very good at finding the spots that are causing trouble and allowing them to be released. She definitely walked through my plethora of questions and took time to explain each thing to me! Very professional and beautiful office. I’m excited for my next appointment!


-- Ember H.