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Acupuncture Facial in Lenexa

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Treating your skin with a facial can help a variety of conditions, and a more holistic approach is an acupuncture facial. Acupuncture has a very long history in Chinese medicine as a means to improve inflammation, circulation, ache and pains, and many other ailments. The small needles relieve conditions such as puffiness while stimulating collagen production.


In Lenexa at Mind Body Shen, our acupuncture facial combines multiple techniques for restorative results. This facial produces more sculpted, glowing skin. Our cosmetic facials, sometimes referred to as an “Acufacial,” is a combination of facial & body acupuncture, microcurrent, LED light therapy, facial massage, cupping, and gua sha.

The Procedure


What it Treats

Excess Fluid
Poor Facial Definition
Dull Skin
Fine Lines
And more!

Procedure Time

75 to 90 minutes


From teenage acne to adult rosacea, an acupuncture facial is a natural alternative treatment.


Why try Acupuncture Facial in Lenexa?


Wellness Benefits

With a combination of skin health steps and acupuncture, this facial is great for stress relief and relaxation.


Relieves Puffiness

One of the most common skin concerns is puffiness from fluid buildup. This treatment drains that buildup to relieve puffiness for facial sculpting.


Long-Term Benefits

Over time, routine acupuncture can improve your skin health by increasing collagen production, reducing inflammation, and better hydration.

The Acupuncture Facial Process

What to Expect


We'll meet with you for a skin consultation where we will discuss your concerns and determine that this is the best treatment for your needs and how to tailor it to meet your goals.

Acupuncture Facial Treatment

You'll relax in our comfortable treatment area, where we will prep your skin. We tailor each acupuncture facial to the individual, so your treatment may include the following steps or add ons:

Facial and Body Acupuncture
LED light
Facial Massage
Gua Sha
Skin Care

Next Steps

Post-treatment, you'll feel very relaxed and restored, like you just got a great night's sleep! We recommend routine acupuncture facials for long-term benefits.

Before your acupuncture facial in Lenexa, be sure to:
  • Eat a meal 1 to 2 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Arrive to your appointment in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

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