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LED Light Therapy in Lenexa


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LED therapy is a fantastic addition to your Mind Body Shen experience. We use LED therapy to penetrate the layers of the skin and promote healthy cell regeneration, tackling both chronic and acute pain.


LED Acupuncture is a powerful combination that works to manage pain and encourage a healthy, happy lifestyle.

The Procedure


What it Treats






Joint pain

Neck pain


Musculoskeletal pain

Tennis elbow


Arthritic pain


Muscle spasm & tension
Acne & wrinkles

And more!

Procedure Time

15 to 30 minutes depending on number of treatable concerns


Female or Male

Why try LED light therapy?


Non-invasive and pain-free

Celluma LED therapy is 100% pain-free and non-invasive. During your LED treatment at Mind Body Shen, we'll first perform your standard treatment (acupuncture or massage), and then you'll sit back and relax while we apply LED light to the same area. 


Wholistic approach

While other pain management methods may simply mask one or two symptoms, LED + acupuncture or massage takes into account the entire body as a whole. Your provider may stimulate acupuncture points that are far away to your treatment areas. This is because we understand that the body is connected and the points we choose to stimulate can heal the body from the inside out.


Natural healing

LED therapy stimulates cell regeneration deep beneath the skin. It induces your body's natural healing response, which increases blood flow and tackles muscle pain, joint pain, spasms, soreness, and more. 

Celluma LED Light Therapy

What to Expect


At Mind Body Shen, we customize treatments plans based on your unique concerns and desired results. All of our treatments begin with an in-depth consultation during which we will discuss factors such as lifestyle, symptoms, and treatment details.

LED Light Therapy

We will show you to one of our comfortable and clean treatment rooms. Your provider will let you know if you need to remove any clothing, and we will provide you with a towel or gown. You'll sit or lay down depending on the areas of treatment.
We apply LED therapy (Blue, Red, and Near-Infared light energy) at various points during your treatment. We will provide you with protective eye-wear during your LED treatment. 


Some people feel relaxed after treatment while others feel energized. There is absolutely no downtime associated with LED Light Therapy, and you are free to return to all normal activities immediately following the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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