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It’s natural to doubt yourself or have low self-confidence from time to time. But, consistent self-doubt and self-sabotage can lead to lower quality of life. Many times, a person’s “failures” are only due to their own thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. However, fixing those thought patterns is much easier said than done because of how deeply they’re ingrained in our psyche. 


With life coaching in Lenexa from Mind Body Shen, we can help patients overcome the root causes of their problems and help them become more aware of the limitations these issues cause. Our coaches look deep at what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential and help you understand a path forward. 

Life Coaching


What it Addresses

Personal and family relationship issues

Career concerns

Fitness goals

Negative habits

Psychological barriers

Appointment Time

Between 30 and 90 minutes


Life coaching is available for virtually anybody.

How it Works

During life coaching in Lenexa, Rajesh will help you improve certain aspects of your day-to-day life—which can include obstacles in your relationships, careers, and more. He will help you clarify any goals you may have, identify what is holding you back, and develop a plan to help you overcome your obstacles with individualized care.

Why try Life Coaching in Lenexa?


Improved Self-Confidence

Life coaching in Lenexa centers around finding solutions to the problems in your daily life. Part of that process involves setting attainable goals that, when reached, help boost a person's confidence in themselves.


Increased Clarity

Rajesh at Mind Body Shen can help you understand what things that are most important to you and why. This can help you find a greater sense of purpose and improve wellbeing.



Not everyone will have motivation all of the time. At times, we all fall short of our goals. Life coaching in Lenexa helps ensure that a minor setback doesn't lead to something more. 

Life Coaching

What to Expect?


During your first session at Mind Body Shen, we will have an in-depth consultation. This first session helps provide crucial information about your background, your challenges, and your aspirations—while also providing an opportunity to build an early rapport. 

Life Coaching at Mind Body Shen

Not all sessions will be exactly the same, as your goals and challenges will change over time. The initial sessions will focus more on goal setting to establish strengths, weaknesses, and values. Later sessions will evaluate where you're at with your goals and what, if any, changes need to be made to achieve them. 

Next Steps

After a session for life coaching in Lenexa, you'll generally receive a list of tasks or actions to complete prior to your next session. 

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