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To evolve in an ever-changing world, we need to be able to adapt and change with our environment. With two models and four tools, you will be able to start changing and adapting quicker than you could ever imagine. So much so, you will impress yourself.


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Rajesh Khemraj

Rajesh Khemraj has been working as a healer for over 22 years. He began his practice in physical therapy, but has always been committed to helping people reach their full potential, which often delves into psychological health as well.

In 2018 Rajesh undertook a full immersion program with Joe Dispenza himself and later became a certified NeuroChangeSolutions consultant. The solutions to achieving a better well-being, more motivation, and a happier life is not based on positive thinking alone. It’s about becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings that have become so deeply ingrained into your personality. With the use of neuroscience, Rajesh, will help you understand how to literally change your brain and create new results in your life!

The truth is that global change is rooted in individual change. Rajesh works with companies and individuals to develop positive, effective solutions to organizational challenges.

What is NeuroChangeSolutions?


NeuroChangeSolutions is a global network founded by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It uses the Change Your Mind…Create New Results program to teach organizations how to make lasting changes through the power of neuroscience. These changes transform the workplace from unhappy and unmotivated to enthusiastic, communicative, and invested.

It’s not enough to just learn new information—you need to put it into practice. The benefits of hiring a NeuroChangeSolutions consultant includes receiving support, encouragement, and being held accountable to make lasting changes to both your personal and professional life.


The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is fully customizable.

Through workshops and optional follow-up coaching, you too can experience the changes in your life that you have always desired but did not know how to obtain. We give you tools and research-based information to make profound changes in your life.

The Person Behind the Science

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, educator and New York Times best-selling author. He has taught thousands of people, in more than 32 countries on six continents, how they can rewire their brains and re-condition their bodies to make lasting changes.


Dr. Dispenza has personally trained over 120 consultants, including Rajesh Khemraj, to teach his model of transformation to organizations worldwide.

The Program


What it Solves

Lack of enthusiasm

Resistance to change


Leadership challenges

Program Length

Varies from 8 hours to multiple days

Who We Can Help

Small businesses



Entrepreneurs & Startups



And more!

Learning new information is the first step in enabling a new way of thinking — a new mindset.

But it’s not enough to just learn new information. By thinking and acting in different ways, new choices appear that we may not have recognized previously. With these new choices comes new ways to act and behave. This, in turn, opens us up to new experiences. The end product of any experience is an emotion. To produce lasting change, therefore, we must engage the emotions that—until now—have shaped our lives, and connect new emotions with new experiences. The result? We are able to step into a new future.

Engage & Involve

The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is designed to engage and involve participants through various teaching modalities including individual and group activities, videos, skills practice, and direct application for key learning takeaways. 

Program participants will:

  • Identify a change they want to make in their lives
  • Learn new models for change based on neuroscience
  • Discover what it means to “live in survival or creation”
  • Become acquainted with the “three brains” and their role in the change process
  • Incorporate each lesson to activate the neurological and biological process for change
  • Apply each of these principles to effect personal change
  • Practice 4 tools for change

Why choose Rajesh Khemraj as your NCS Consultant?

Proven Method

It’s not positive thinking, it’s science. Rajesh is trained in strategies that have been used globally to create change in corporations, small business, and other industries in over 32 countries. The program uses the power of neuroscience to rewire your brain, which allows you to learn new ways to think, feel, and act in the world!

One-on-one coaching

The NeuroChangeSolutions program is completely customizable for your unique needs. Whether you choose an 8-hour intensive or a multi-day program, Rajesh will be invested in your personal growth and progress throughout the experience.

Intuitive Listening

Rajesh uses his years of experience to ask meaningful questions that can help you get to the bottom of your sources of self-sabotage. He can help you organize your thoughts to provide guidance and insight into what has you feeling stuck or unfulfilled.

The NeuroChangeSolutions Process

What to Expect

Step 1: Process

NeuroChangeSolutions is designed to empower your company for long-term success. You can learn the process for creating true, lasting change in your workplace. During your customizable workshop(s), we will walk you through this process step-by-step. 

Step 2: Model

Visualizing how things can change is a major step in making those changes. During our workshops, we engage with two models to allow attendees to understand how to make the necessary changes. 

Step 3: Tools

We provide four tools to help create and sustain change; breathing, change, stop, and mental rehearsal. These tools encompass the spiritual mind and the biological mind, and help people learn how to make permanent change. 

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Whether you are a corporation, organization, business, school, hospital, nonprofit, or government agency, our goal is to bring applied neuroscience to individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe through a network of Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultants.


Every year, organizations invest billions in new training that fails to produce the desired results. Why? The primary reason is a misunderstanding of how to produce sustained change. Change requires altering neuropathways in the brain. The neuroplastic nature of our brains allows us to learn new ways to think, act, feel, and be in the world.