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Ultrasound Physical Therapy in Lenexa

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You might be familiar with ultrasound for its diagnostic uses. However, physical therapists have been harnessing the benefits of ultrasound for decades by physical therapists—specifically when it comes to treating patients with deep tissue pain.

If you’re suffering from lingering chronic pain or a musculoskeletal injury, ultrasound physical therapy in Lenexa at Mind Body Shen may just provide the relief you need!

The Procedure


What it Treats

Limited range of motion

Musculoskeletal injury

Strains & tears

Joint pain

Ligament injuries

Chronic or acute pain

Procedure Time

Typically, we encourage 30 to 60-minute sessions in order to achieve optimal benefits from each session.

How it Works

We provide a safe and compassionate space with a team of certified physical therapists committed to your health and wellbeing. With ultrasound physical therapy in Lenexa, your therapist will use high frequency sound waves to provide deep heat to the body’s tissues.

Why Physical Therapy at Mind Body Shen?


Reduce Pain

An experienced and qualified physical therapist—like the ones at Mind Body Shen—can use ultrasound physical therapy to help heal your body's deep tissue (i.e. muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments) and decrease any muscle spasms. Oftentimes, these spasms and other muscle tightness connect to the root cause of your pain. 


Increase Blood Flow

Playing a major role in many different injuries, acute and chronic inflammation can reduce blood flow to an injured area and cause swelling. Ultrasound physical therapy in Lenexa can pulse the area to reduce inflammation and return your blood flow to normal, which will help with pain relief and healing.


No Pain or Side Effects

Although you may feel a warming sensation, ultrasound physical therapy is completely painless for most people and doesn't come with any side effects following treatment!

Ultrasound Physical Therapy

What to Expect?


Prior to beginning physical therapy at Mind Body Shen, it is essential that we have an in-depth consultation during which we discuss your injury or condition, your expectations of results, lifestyle, daily habits, and more. During our consultation, we will also discuss the methods we use to encourage and promote healing—before making a recommendation on which physical therapy method to use. 

Physical therapy treatment

Your provider will completely customize your physical therapy treatment plan based on your individual symptoms, lifestyle, and goals. You'll then meet with one of our highly trained PTs for ultrasound physical therapy sessions. Using a small crystal, the device will rapidly vibrate to create ultrasound waves—which will introduce both heat and energy to the treatment area to provide relief.


Results vary greatly depending on the different types of tissue, pain-level, post-operative condition, and more. Typically, it takes at least 2 to 4 weeks to begin seeing results, and the longer you stick with physical therapy the more likely you are to enjoy optimal results. 

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